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Whether you are a beginner or an experienced photographer, I would love to advise you of techniques and tools to improve your photography and answer your questions. As a self-taught photographer, I know how frustrating it can be to find the information you need!

I can critique your photos, or suggest camera techniques to avoid certain issues, or help you with your processing problems. I can explain the APS and FIAP Honours/Distinctions process and share my experiences of being a member of the APS (Australian Photographic Society) and FIAP (the International Federation of Photographic Art). I can help you prepare your photos for competitions (and suggest appropriate competitions to enter).

Topics such as aerial photography, print-making, and building a social media presence are also quite popular.

We'll talk in real time using Zoom, a web-based software application that allows us to see each other, and I can share my computer screen with you so I can talk you through any processing suggestions I have, or share websites that I think will assist you. I also record our tutorial so that you can go back and re-view it later if you wish!

To ensure that our time is well-spent, I'll ask you to send me 10-15 recent photos, and any links to where I can see more of your images online. We'll then schedule a time to discuss the photos and any questions you may have.

Gift Certificates are available on request.


Experience level:   Any
Duration:   1 hour (at a mutually-convenient time)
Cost:   $150
Format:   Online via Zoom
Requirements for online sessions:   A computer with speakers and a mic (Apple earbuds work well!) and good internet connection.

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Recent reviews:

"Photography has been one of my great joys over the last 15 years, but I've never had the confidence to share my landscape work. However, with guidance and support from Mieke in composition, technique, and editing, I am now more comfortable sharing my photos, and they will also be better. On top of this, her love of the craft and the Victorian High Country is infectious, and since our last lesson, I can't wait to get back out into the VHC to implement what I've learnt from her."

"I have now had two one-on-one sessions with Mieke on very different topics and both have been nothing short of superb. It’s by far and away the best value for money photographic educational experience I’ve had. I wish I’d started tutorials with Mieke two or three years ago. Mieke is a natural and engaging teacher. She is very organised and thorough in her preparation before a session and so covers a lot of ground in the one hour you get face to face. Having the session recorded is very useful to go back over the subtleties of some of the aspects discussed.
The most impressive aspect for me though is her insightfulness, not just in an understanding what I think I’d like to get from the tutorial but in seeing way beyond that. Mieke is very perceptive in reading where you (actually) are in your photographic journey and positively and enthusiastically walks you through a raft of suggestions, tips and intuitions to improve your photographs. But more than that she cleverly structured each session to deliver me a clear set of pathway options to take my photography to the next level.
My two sessions with Mieke have rekindled my passion for photography and renewed my desire to progress and improve. I’ll definitely be having more in the future."

"A tutorial with Mieke is a wonderful way to get some targeted feedback on your images. She is always prepared for our time together and has given me honest advice on the strength of my images. Mieke has not only highlighted my strengths & weaknesses she is constantly revealing where I should ‘focus’ next on my creative journey. She has helped me understand how competitions can help this process but also how to choose which ones to enter. I love Mieke’s attention to detail and am grateful for her genuine concern and encouragement for my work. Her positive energy, her passion for her photography and her honesty with my work are just a few of the reasons why I keep coming back for more 1on1 tutorials. If you are looking for a mentor, then I can sincerely recommend Mieke as a tutor and guarantee you will not be disappointed."

"Living in a regional area I have found Mieke’s online workshops & tutorial sessions a Godsend. You get to learn from one of Australia’s leading landscape photographers in the comfort of your own home. Mieke is a fantastic educator & her eye for detail has helped me improve my own photography & post production immensely. I would recommend her tutorial sessions to anyone who is looking to take their photography to the next level."

" I recently attended one of Mieke's one on one tutorial sessions. I was immediately impressed that Mieke asked for 10 -12 images a week in advance, so we had something very specific and personal to discuss. I deliberately chose some images which I thought were terrific and others which I wanted some advice on. I was surprised by what Mieke saw in the images that I hadn’t seen. We then discussed each image, my purpose in taking it and suggestions for improvement. Quite a remarkable session which opened my eyes to some of the habits I had developed over the years and of which I was totally unaware. My new mantra is to look AND see."

“Just had a personalised tutorial with Mieke.  She is very knowledgeable and it was a thoroughly professional yet interactive experience. Mieke gave me lots of constructive criticism plus plenty of tips on how to improve my photography, especially in post processing. Very interesting to get another’s point of view. Certainly have lots to put into practice. Won’t be giving up my day job anytime soon, lol, but looking forward to another session down the track to gauge improvement.
Would thoroughly recommend. Looking forward to attending other workshops."

"A tutorial session with Mieke is a special treat and a lot of fun. She prepares well for the session and will ask to see some images in advance to help guide the conversation. Having a photographer of Mieke’s calibre looking at your images and providing considered feedback is a real privilege and an opportunity to learn a lot. Her experience as an educator is also an important component of the success of her tutorial sessions; she is able to convey a lot of feedback and learnings in a very constructive and encouraging way. I came away from my session buzzing and inspired and with lots of information and ideas on processing and creative photography.
I highly recommend a session with Mieke; I will be back for more."

"Mieke's photography tutorials are great. She is a great photographer with a great eye. She is very helpful, is a good communicator and shows attention to detail. She gives worthwhile feedback but is encouraging at the same time. Whether you want help with how to improve your chances of winning photo competitions or have a particular project in mind, Mieke is bound to be of great help. I highly recommend her tutorial sessions."



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