During this time of COVID-19 uncertainty, I have been running small-group Virtual Workshops via Zoom, but I am now working towards re-commencing my in-person Workshops shortly.

In the meantime, I will be making my Zoom Workshops available as recordings (without any participants) at a discounted rate.

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I also offer one-on-one photography tutorials and mentoring via Zoom - please click here for more information!



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Black and White Photography Essentials - online workshop with Mieke Boynton Nailing the Focus in Landscape Photography - online workshop with Mieke Boynton
Waterfalls, Seascapes and Long Exposure Photography - online workshop with Mieke Boynton Creative Abstract Macro Photography - online workshop with Mieke BoyntonCreative Abstract Photography - Virtual Workshop with Mieke Boynton
Creative Abstract Photography - online workshop with Mieke BoyntonCreative Abstract Photography Part II - Virtual Workshop Composition in Landscape Photography - online workshop with Mieke Boynton


“I wish I'd found Mieke's workshops sooner.  Loved the Waterfalls/Seascapes and Night Photography workshop - Mieke shares so much information in a concise, easy to understand way.  Talented, inspiring and encouraging - I've aready signed up for another course and can't wait to get out there and practise. Thank you Mieke."

"I have recently completed a few of Mieke's online workshops and they are just fantastic. Well organized, concise and full of very good information that is easy to understand. It has been wonderful to refresh and to learn so much more. I would happily recommend Mieke's workshops to any photographer.”

“I have completed 3 of Mieke's online workshops. I have loved every one and have learned a lot from each. Mieke has so much knowledge to share and she shares it beautifully. As well as being an award winning photographer, she is a teacher and has a background in art, and all of these come through in her workshops. Now when I pick up the camera I hear Mieke's voice - about composition, light, shadows, symmetry ... I can't recommend Mieke's workshops highly enough!”

"Another outstanding workshop from Mieke (my third). Mieke is both a very talented photographer but possibly more importantly for me she is a great teacher. She is able to structure her courses to ensure participants come away with great ideas and an improved skill set. Thanks again."



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Personalised Photography Critique - online workshop with Mieke Boynton  


"A tutorial with Mieke is a wonderful way to get some targeted feedback on your images. She is always prepared for our time together and has given me honest advice on the strength of my images. Mieke has not only highlighted my strengths & weaknesses she is constantly revealing where I should ‘focus’ next on my creative journey. She has helped me understand how competitions can help this process but also how to choose which ones to enter. I love Mieke’s attention to detail and am grateful for her genuine concern and encouragement for my work. Her positive energy, her passion for her photography and her honesty with my work are just a few of the reasons why I keep coming back for more 1on1 tutorials. If you are looking for a mentor, then I can sincerely recommend Mieke as a tutor and guarantee you will not be disappointed."

"Living in a regional area I have found Mieke’s online workshops & tutorial sessions a Godsend. You get to learn from one of Australia’s leading landscape photographers in the comfort of your own home. Mieke is a fantastic educator & her eye for detail has helped me improve my own photography & post production immensely. I would recommend her tutorial sessions to anyone who is looking to take their photography to the next level."

" I recently attended one of Mieke's one on one tutorial sessions. I was immediately impressed that Mieke asked for 10 -12 images a week in advance, so we had something very specific and personal to discuss. I deliberately chose some images which I thought were terrific and others which I wanted some advice on. I was surprised by what Mieke saw in the images that I hadn’t seen. We then discussed each image, my purpose in taking it and suggestions for improvement. Quite a remarkable session which opened my eyes to some of the habits I had developed over the years and of which I was totally unaware. My new mantra is to look AND see."