Mieke Boynton:
Australian Landscape Photographer.


I'm a specialist landscape and aerial photographer from beautiful Bright in the Alpine Valleys of North-East Victoria (Australia). My partner Matt Palmer and I opened our "Alpine Light" photographic art gallery here in my home town in December 2021.

I love being alone in Nature and photographing its stunning beauty. When I go out into the landscape, I try to clear my head of all the clutter and simply "listen." I try to immerse myself in the moment and be guided by the sounds and the atmosphere of that particular place. When I process my photos, I'm very careful about honouring the authentic reality of that moment.


I was the first Australian and first female to win the prestigious Epson International Pano Awards in 2019 with three of my abstract aerials, and that same year, I was also named Victorian Landscape Photographer of the Year. I'm a Grand Master with the Australian Photographic Society (APS), and last year, I received my Master with Distinction from the New Zealand Institute of Professional Photography (NZIPP). I was also named 2021 NZIPP International Photographer of the Year and 2022 NZIPP Australian Landscape (in-camera) Photographer of the Year.

My most exciting achievement to date is being awarded the Maitre de la Fédération Internationale de l'Art Photographique (MFIAP) Distinction with FIAP (the International Federation of Art Photography). The Distinction is awarded based on a photographer's portfolio of 20 "cohesive" images, their achievements throughout their photographic career and their involvement in the photographic community. Thirty-nine applications from all over the world were reviewed, and 13 judges from 12 countries had to unanimously vote to accept the Portfolio for the Master Distinction to be awarded. Only 5 Portfolios were accepted in 2021, so it was a huge honour to be one of them. You can view my Portfolio here.

To view all my recent awards, click here.

My photos are available for purchase as Fine Art Prints via our Alpine Light Gallery website.

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