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Before I became a photographer, I was an athlete. As a child, I loved gymnastics, skiing, diving, and rowing, and was fortunate to be offered a 4-year rowing scholarship to a university in California. Upon my return to Australia, I competed in surf-boat rowing and then became a member of the Australian Women's Olympic Bobsleigh Team. I really love that rush of adrenaline you get from being close to danger, so when I discovered aerial photography, I was instantly hooked.

Aerial photography is very different to landscape photography. It's noisy in a helicopter or plane, and with the doors off, the wind whips up your hair and leaves tears streaming down your cheeks. The only communication is between you and the pilot as you're adjusting your height and direction of flight. You don't have time to take your time - and only a fraction of a second to compose your shot - so it's the very opposite conditions to those I seek out when I take landscape photos. But the interesting thing is that the overwhelming noise and chaos sort of puts you in a "zone" where every moment is heightened and time is suspended.

I love flying. I mostly photograph aerials in remote and inaccessible places, and I'm constantly amazed at how detailed and intricate the patterns are. I prefer to shoot with a 100mm prime lens as it produces more "intimate" and abstract images. I love seeing Nature's Art from above - it's like a giant abstract painting!

All but a few of the photos here are available for purchase as Fine Art Prints via our Alpine Light Gallery in Bright, Victoria. They can be printed on paper (museum-grade lightly-textured cotton rag paper using archival-quality inks), aluminium, or framed canvas. You can purchase via the Alpine Light website (, or otherwise, please email me and I will provide you with our print prices.

The large watermark you see here does not appear on the print.

I'm always happy to answer your questions, so if you wish to learn more about my prints, please email me.

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An aerial photo of flamingos over Walvis Bay Namibia by Mieke BoyntonOcean DeityBudburstAn aerial photo of Kati Thanda Lake Eyre South Australia by Mieke BoyntonAerial photograph of the braided rivers of IcelandAn abstract aerial photo of Broome Western Australia by Mieke BoyntonDeadly BeautyAn aerial photo of Broome Western Australia by Mieke BoyntonDragonfire - Limited Edition 7/25Patterns in NatureLefroyThe Wave - Limited Edition 3/25Love LostWindsweptNature's Watercolours - Limited Edition 8/50An abstract aerial photo of Broome Western Australia by Mieke BoyntonSerenadeDyadRiseColours of Iceland