Workshop Participant Photo Critique


You requested it - so here it is!
Many of you have completed my Virtual Workshops now, and through the feedback form, you requested an opportunity to show the results of the photos you've taken following your Workshop. I will critique up to 5 of your photos and and we’ll discuss any problems you had, and any insights you gained, and I will suggest some ways to improve the images – whether that’s using different settings, or making edits in Photoshop. Participant numbers will be limited to five per session to ensure each photo is given sufficient time for discussion.
Please keep in mind that photography is always subjective! 

Online workshop with Mieke BoyntonVirtual Workshop - Critique Session

Experience level:   Beginner / Intermediate / Advanced
Max. participants:   5
Duration:   1.5 hours
Cost:   $50 (AUD)
Format:   Zoom meeting online (unique meeting code with password protection)

Prerequesites: You must have completed one of the following Virtual Workshops prior to the Critique:
"Black and White Photography Essentials"
"Composition in Landscape Photography"
"Abstract Photography (aerial, urban and close-up)"
"Waterfalls, Seascapes and Long Exposure Photography"

What topics will be covered?

•    Composition
•    Shooting technique
•    Processing technique (in Photoshop)

•    Difficulties encountered
•    Your successes!


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Note: You will be emailed a link that will download a small piece of software to your computer,
enabling you to install Zoom temporarily.
You don't need a web camera, but it's great if you do have one!
If your computer doesn't have an in-built microphone, plug in your phone's hands-free headphones.

You do not need any prior experience with video-conferencing. If you need assistance with Zoom, we'll arrange a quick demo before our Workshop!


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