These photos were either printed to be exhibited at National and International Exhibitions or they were printed to sell at the Broome Market. Unfortunately, the sizing and/or matting is not suitable for our Gallery, but I don't want to throw them all out (!!), so I'm making them available for a limited time at a flat rate.

Please click on the photo you're interested in to view the title, location, print size, paper type and whether it is mounted/ unmounted and matted/unmatted. Please note that these photos were taken with my iPhone, so although I have tried to show them as faithfully as possible, some photos look a bit darker/more contrast-y than they really are. Also, please take note of the size in the description as they are not shown to scale on this webpage.

Due to issues with International customs fees, these prints are only available within Australia.

All prints, regardless of size, are $30ea including postage (Australia-wide).

There is only ONE COPY of each print (with a couple of exceptions). To request the print, please either send me an email, or a Facebook PM, or an Instagram DM to request the print you'd like to purchase. Please include the title AND the size. I will confirm whether the print is still available, provide payment information (bank transfer only) and will update the image with SOLD once your sale has been confirmed. As there will be a delay between a person requesting a print and the payment, there may be instances where a request is made for a print that has already been reserved. I apologise for any disappointment that this may cause :(

Thank you!!

Dune Beauty (16"x20")Stormwatcher (16"x20")A Still Life with Pears (16"x20")i think i can (16"x20")The Stillwater Shallows (16"x20")Roiling Reddell (16"x20")Sunburst (16"x20")Glacier Torre (16"x20")Amsterdam Glow (A3)Stormwatcher (A3)A Still Life with Pears (A3)The Violin (A3)Eystrahorn (A3+)Spa Pool (A3+)Liquid Beauty (A3+)In the Quiet (A3)Strange Beauty #6 (A3)Wet Season Sunrise (A3)Dragonback (A4)Sands of Time (A4)