Waterfalls, Seascapes and Night Photography-
Virtual Workshop

Have you ever wondered how to make waterfalls look silky? Or photograph the stars? Or depict a beautiful calm lake or ocean even when it's windy?
Long exposure photography is one of the most creative genres of landscape photography, enabling the photographer to depict the beauty of nature in a way that our eyes can't actually see it.
Join me for an online presentation of the many ways long exposures can enhance your images, and the tools and techniques used to achieve them. Our Workshop will be in real time, as if we're in a classroom, and it will be completely interactive with opportunities for discussion and questions!  The Workshop will also be recorded so you can re-watch it at a later date.

Waterfalls, Seascapes and Long Exposure Photography - online workshop with Mieke Boynton

Experience level:   Intermediate
Max. participants:   10
Duration:   2 hours
Cost:   $70 (AUD)
Format:   Zoom meeting online (unique meeting code with password protection)

What topics will be covered?

•     What makes long exposures visually appealing?
•     Using filters (polarisers and ND filters)
•     Common filter issues and how to avoid them
•     Recommended gear/accessories for long exposures
•     Calculating the “correct” exposure time
•     Important tips for capturing sharp images  
•     Seascape photography tips and tricks
•     Waterfall photography tips and tricks
•     Night photography tips and tricks


“I just completed the Waterfalls, Seascapes and Long Exposure Workshop and I can easily say it was the best online course I have done. So much information and follow on support and links. Mieke was eager to answer all questions and the notes template provided was a great and unique idea.”

"I attended Mieke's virtual workshop 'Waterfalls, Seascapes & Long Exposures.' The 2 hour workshop was full of lots of useful information, handy tips and plenty of real examples to illustrate how 'not to' do it, as well as 'how to'. Mieke is down to earth and personable in nature, making for a relaxed atmosphere. Mieke uses a simplistic & concise approach to explain her work flows which made it very easy to comprehend. Thank you so much!"

“I completed Mieke's 'Waterfalls, Seascapes and Long Exposures' on-line workshop. We had 2 hours of relevant, understandable information and I was particularly impressed that Mieke had catered for the different cameras that the participants used.  A lot of information in two hours because of Mieke's no nonsense approach and her ability to keep the workshop rolling along. I would highly recommend this course to any photographer regardless of preferred genre."


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Note: You will be emailed a link that will download a small piece of software to your computer,
enabling you to install Zoom temporarily.
You don't need a web camera, but it's great if you do have one!
If your computer doesn't have an in-built microphone, plug in your phone's hands-free headphones.

You do not need any prior experience with video-conferencing. If you need assistance with Zoom, we'll arrange a quick demo before our Workshop!


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