Landscape Photography Intensive


Do you see beautiful landscape photos and wonder how they are achieved? Do you want to take your landscape photos to the next level? Dive deeply into the world of Landscape Photography and learn the most important aspects of this specialised genre!
We’ll explore a range of topics including long exposures, waterfall photography, night photography, aerial photography, filter use, light, lens choice, white balance, composition and histograms. There will be hands-on activities to improve your skills, and plenty of opportunities to ask questions and get one-on-one assistance. Mieke will also share her standard post-processing workflow with a Photoshop demonstration, explaining  how she approaches this vital aspect of photography.
Landscape Photography Intensive Workshop

Experience level:  Intermediate
Max. participants:   5
Duration:   4 hours
Cost:   $200 (tea/coffee, light refreshments and worksheets included)
Location:   Bright, Victoria (Venue TBC)


What topics will be covered?
•    Aperture Priority or Manual Mode?
•    Mastering Depth of Field
•    Selecting the Metering and White Balance
•    Getting a level horizon every time
•    Using the Histogram and highlight identification
•    The impact of lens selection
•    The importance of light
•    Night Photography and Aerial Photography
•    Long exposures – tripods, vibration reduction, filters
•    Mieke’s standard processing workflow (Photoshop demonstration)

What should you bring?
•    Your DSLR / mirrorless camera
•    Fully charged battery (and a spare if available)
•    Lenses
•    A spare memory card
•    A sturdy tripod (optional, but recommended)
•    Remote shutter release (optional, but recommended)
•    Polarising filter and ND Filters (optional, but recommended) 
•    Your camera’s instruction manual (essential)
•    Suitable clothing for the weather forecast (please check! It gets very cold here!)
•    Sturdy, comfortable shoes
•    Notepad and pen



Upcoming Dates:
To be released post COVID-19 pandemic

Note: a camera with manual settings, and a good understanding of those settings
(ISO, aperture and shutter speed) are pre-requisites for this Workshop.
If you need assistance with the camera basics, please consider joining me for my “Photography Basics“ course first.


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