Nailing the Focus in Landscape Photography-
Virtual Workshop

"How do you get sharp landscape photos?"
This is one of the most common questions I'm asked, and one of the most difficult to answer! There are so many factors involved in nailing the focus in Landscape Photography, so I've created a Workshop to address them all.
Join me for a deep-dive into focusing - everything from camera settings, to what to focus on, the differences in lens types and how to focus stack. It will NOT be a physics lecture! This is simple, practical information from a hands-on perspective.
Our Workshop will be in real time, as if we're in a classroom, and it will be completely interactive with opportunities for discussion and questions!  You'll receive a summary handout, and the Workshop will also be recorded so you can re-watch it at a later date.

Nailing the Focus in Landscape Photography - online workshop with Mieke BoyntonVirtual Workshop - Composition in Landscape Photography

Experience level:   Beginner / Intermediate
Max. participants:   10
Duration:   2 hours
Cost:   $70 (AUD)
Format:   Zoom meeting online (unique meeting code with password protection)

What topics will be covered?

• Choosing the focus mode
• Choosing the focus point
• How aperture affects focus
• The distance between your camera and the nearest subject
• The distance between your subject and the background
• Wide-angle lenses, Telephoto lenses, Zoom lenses and Prime lenses – how the mechanics of your lens affects focus
• The minimum focusing distance of your lenses
• Finding the “sweet spot” for your lenses
• The hyperfocal distance
• Vibration Reduction / Image Stabilisation and using a tripod
• Getting accurate focus in the dark
• Focus Peaking
• Focus Stacking




Upcoming Dates:

Saturday June 26th from 10am to 12pm AEST - SOLD OUT!
Saturday July 3rd from 10am to 12pm AEST - SOLD OUT!

Registrations for this Workshop are now closed.
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Note: You will be emailed a link that will download a small piece of software to your computer,
enabling you to install Zoom temporarily.
You don't need a web camera, but it's great if you do have one!
If your computer doesn't have an in-built microphone, plug in your phone's hands-free headphones.

You do not need any prior experience with video-conferencing. If you need assistance with Zoom, we'll arrange a quick demo before our Workshop!


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