Nailing the Focus in Landscape Photography

"How do you get such sharp landscape photos?"
This is one of the most common questions I'm asked, and one of the most difficult to answer! There are so many factors involved in nailing the focus in Landscape Photography, so I've created an in-depth video to address them all.

We will do a deep-dive into focusing - everything from camera settings, to what to focus on, the differences in lens types and how to focus stack images. It is NOT a physics lecture! This 90-min video is a presentation of practical information from a hands-on perspective.
You'll also receive a summary document, and you will have access to the video for two weeks.

Nailing the Focus in Landscape Photography - online workshop with Mieke BoyntonVirtual Workshop - Composition in Landscape Photography

Experience level:   Intermediate / Advanced
Format: video (pre-recorded)
Duration:   90mins
Cost:   $25 (AUD)

What topics will be covered?

• Choosing the focus mode
• Choosing the focus point
• How aperture affects focus
• The distance between your camera and the nearest subject
• The distance between your subject and the background
• Wide-angle lenses, Telephoto lenses, Zoom lenses and Prime lenses – how the mechanics of your lens affects focus
• The minimum focusing distance of your lenses
• Finding the “sweet spot” for your lenses
• The hyperfocal distance
• Vibration Reduction / Image Stabilisation and using a tripod
• Getting accurate focus in the dark
• Focus Peaking
• Focus Stacking


"Nailing the Focus in Landscape Photography" was previously run as an online workshop.
Here are some participant reviews for the Zoom Workshop sessions:

"I found this workshop to be incredibly helpful for improving my landscape photography. I learnt things I did not know before, and it surprised me. I particularly enjoyed the workshop because Mieke used several of her own stunning landscape images to illustrate the focus points she would choose, and why, and she also challenged participants to give their thoughts. The workshop covers a lot of essential information for landscape photography but I felt the pace was perfect for me, with enough detail but not so much that it was overwhelming. I was able to follow Mieke's explanations easily; she is an excellent teacher. The accompanying notes are really clear and comprehensive. I will definitely do more of Mieke's workshops, whether live or on zoom if we are confined to lockdown. Thank you Mieke!"

“This is the second workshop of Mieke's that I've done - she is a great teacher and delivers information in a structured and enthusiastic way. She is a very personable lady and I found it easy and enjoyable to watch and listen to all her excellent teachings. She is incredibly knowledgeable in photography and there is absolutely nothing that you couldn't ask her!
This topic is complex and there's a huge amount of information about it - Mieke explained the confusing bits very well with simplified analogies in a way that was easy to understand and remember.  I also especially liked the extras - links to other people and topics she referred to in the workshop, giving individual information for each attendee's camera brand and other information we might find useful. I would thoroughly recommend Mieke's workshops to any photography enthusiast."

"If you are a keen landscape photographer, then you will find this course invaluable. Mieke has a wonderful way of sharing her knowledge is both a simple and informative way. I would highly recommend this course for someone who is keen to keep improving and refining their techniques for taking photographs in the landscape.”

"I recently participated in one of Mieke's zoom session on 'Nailing the Focus.'  The material was well prepared and presented.  It was a hands on practical in that Mieke took time to make sure that we could all find the necessary settings on our different cameras.  The material was well presented with repetition on the important aspects that she wanted to get across. Thank you Mieke, it was a very useful session."

"This is the first workshop I have done with Mieke. I found it easy to follow, very informative and comprehensive and she was very willing to answer questions along the way. The accompanying notes were also well presented and meant you didn't have to furiously write everything down. Particularly liked her examples of photos and discussing where to focus."


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