Composition in Landscape Photography

What makes a good landscape photo?
What is Visual Communication?
How do we “read” images of landscapes, and what are the elements that will improve your compositions?

In this 2-hour video, I will lead you through an in-depth examination of 7 of the most effective compositional tools for landscape photography, and the reasons why these techniques work so well. You'll receive a worksheet and a summary document, and you will have access to the video for two weeks.

Composition in Landscape Photography - online workshop with Mieke BoyntonVirtual Workshop - Composition in Landscape Photography

Experience level:   Beginner / Intermediate
Format: video (pre-recorded)

Duration:  2 hours
Cost:   $25 (AUD)

What topics will be covered?

•    Composing high-impact landscape images
•    Making your landscape photos stand out from the crowd
•    Visual communication and how we “read” images
•    How to convey meaning through your images
•    The Rule of Thirds, 50/50 rule, Leading lines, the Phi Grid etc
•    Avoiding the distracting elements that ruin a great shot
•    Handy camera settings to assist your composition skills
•    The impact of lens selection
•    Achieving a balanced image


"I have just completed the Composition in Landscape photography workshop video and it was excellent. Mieke provided excellent tuition while keeping the workshop interesting right throughout. The examples provided demonstrated reinforced Mieke’s information and made it easy to follow the tutorial. The photography examples were amazing and demonstrated Mieke’s points superbly.
I learnt so much from this course that I will certainly be working my way through the rest of the video courses."

“Just completed the Composition in Landscape Photography workshop and can highly recommend it. Mieke is not only an extremely talented photographer but is also an excellent tutor. As a hobbyist photographer, I got so much out of the workshop as it was not overly complicated or technical, something that can be a bit daunting to those that haven't got a background in photography. Will definitely consider the next one to attend.”

"I completed Mieke's zoom workshop 'Composition in Landscape Photography' yesterday. It was excellent and exceeded my expectations. I thought it would reinforce what I already knew. It did this but I also learnt a lot that was new to me. Her use of examples and asking the workshop attendees what they saw in the examples was really useful. Mieke has a warm, friendly though professional teaching style. She very clearly explains things and I have booked into another workshop with her. The key message I took away with me (not stated by her but implicit in her material) was More Looking, More Thinking and Less Shutter Presses!"

“I just did the Landscape Composition workshop with Mieke. Even though I have done composition workshops before Mieke gave me great ideas on how to look at the landscape. How did I not see that fence before I took the photograph!! I've now found some settings in my camera which I've never looked at and definitely inspired to get out there and start photographing our wonderful landscape. Thanks Mieke.”

“Mieke's composition workshop is fantastic - in depth information presented clearly and in a very well organised format - beautiful images really added to the presentation as well.”


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