Composition in Landscape Photography


What makes a pleasing landscape photo?
What is Visual Communication?
How do we “read” images of landscapes, and what makes one photo “more effective” than another one?
Join Mieke for a focused discussion of the most effective compositional tools for landscape photography, and learn how to incorporate these into your own photographs through a range of hands-on practical activities incorporating the beautiful scenery at Feathertop Winery!

Composition in Landscape Photography Workshop

Experience level:   Intermediate / Advanced
Max. participants:   5
Duration:   4 hours
Cost:   $200 (tea/coffee, light refreshments, and worksheets included)
Location:   Feathertop Winery, 6619 Great Alpine Road, Porepunkah, VIC 3740


What topics will be covered?
•    Composing high-impact landscape images
•    Making your landscape photos stand out from the crowd
•    Visual communication and how we “read” images
•    The impact of light and dark areas
•    Achieving a balanced image
•    Symmetry, Rule of Thirds, Patterns etc
•    “De-cluttering” your images
•    The impact of lens selection
•    How to convey meaning through your work

What should you bring?
•    Your DSLR / mirrorless camera
•    Fully charged battery (and a spare if available)
•    Lenses
•    A spare memory card
•    A sturdy tripod (optional, but recommended)
•    Remote shutter release (optional, but recommended)
•    Polarising filter and ND Filters (optional, but recommended) 
•    Your camera’s instruction manual (essential)
•    Suitable clothing for the weather forecast (please check! It gets very cold here!)
•    Sturdy, comfortable shoes

•    Notepad and pen


Upcoming Dates:
To be released post COVID-19 pandemic

Note: a camera with manual settings, and a good understanding of those settings
(ISO, aperture and shutter speed) are pre-requisites for this Workshop.
If you need assistance with the camera basics, please consider joining me for my “Photography Basics“ course first.



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