Black and White Photography Essentials


Colour is such a strong element in photography, that it can often “steal the limelight” from other elements such as texture, tone, pattern and shape. Being able to “see in Black and White” takes a bit of practice, but the ability to craft a high-impact monochrome image will certainly add a feather to your cap! The workshop will include a classroom session, a number of practical activities incorporating the beautiful local scenery, and a post-processing demonstration using Photoshop.
Black and White Photography Essentials Workshop

Experience level:   Intermediate
Max. participants:   5
Duration:   4 hours
Cost:   $200 (tea/coffee, light refreshments and worksheets included)
Location:   Bright, Victoria (Venue TBC)


What topics will be covered?
•    Composing for Black and White photography
•    Simplifying the scene
•    The importance of contrast
•    Achieving monochrome shots in-camera
•    Shadows, reflections and silhouettes
•    Assessing whether an image works best in colour or monochrome
•    Processing in Black and White

What should you bring?
•    Your DSLR / mirrorless camera
•    Fully charged battery (and a spare if available)
•    Lenses
•    A spare memory card
•    A sturdy tripod (optional, but recommended)
•    Remote shutter release (optional, but recommended)
•    Polarising filter and ND Filters (optional, but recommended) 
•    Your camera’s instruction manual (essential)
•    Suitable clothing for the weather forecast (please check! It gets very cold here!)
•    Sturdy, comfortable shoes
•    Notepad and pen



Upcoming Dates:
To be released post COVID-19 pandemic

Note: a camera with manual settings, and a good understanding of those settings
(ISO, aperture and shutter speed) are pre-requisites for this Workshop.
If you need assistance with the camera basics, please consider joining me for my “Photography Basics“ course first.


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