Black and White Photography Essentials


Colour is such a strong element in photography, that it can often “steal the limelight” from other elements such as texture, tone, pattern and shape. Being able to “see in Black and White” takes a bit of practice, but the ability to craft a high-impact monochrome image will certainly add a feather to your cap!

In this 90-minute video, I'll lead you through an in-depth examination of one of the most revered genres of photography, explain tone and contrast, and help you to identify which images work best in monochrome. You'll also receive a summary document, and you will have access to the video for two weeks.
Black and White Photography Essentials - online workshop with Mieke Boynton

Experience level:   Beginner / Intermediate
Format: video (pre-recorded)

Duration:   90mins
Cost:   $25 (AUD)

What topics will be covered?

•    Simplifying the scene
•    The importance of contrast

•    Understanding tone
•    5 high-impact elements for B&W photography
•    Shadows, reflections and silhouettes
•    Composing for Black and White photography
•    Assessing whether an image works best in colour or monochrome
•    Processing in Black and White
•    Achieving monochrome shots in-camera

"Black and White Photography Essentials" was previously run as an online workshop.
Here are some participant reviews for the Zoom Workshop sessions:

“I recently completed Mieke's B&W Photography Essentials Course and it was fantastic. I thought I had a good eye for B&W but I learned so much more from Mieke and her tips for looking for the right shot. Thank you Mieke it was great.”

“Attended Mieke's B&W Photography Online Workshop last night and loved it! She presented the theory side in an easy to follow way with great examples, encouraged the practical aspect of taking B&W photos in camera and discussed other b&w photographers - all in a a very relaxed style. Would highly recommend her workshops and hope one day to be able to attend one in person. Thanks Mieke!"

"It exceeded my expectations. I've read a lot about black and white photography but none went into the detail, particularly relating to tonal range, that Mieke did. The workshop gave information, but then gave examples, so the meaning was clear. A lot of places assume you have a certain knowledge, particularly about terminology, that you might not have, so examples were the "glue" that held it all together for me."

“Did a Black and White Photography Zoom Workshop with Mieke today and she was fantastic! Her images are amazing and she is so inspirational she just wants to make you get out with your camera! Will definitely do another or perhaps a photography trip sometime in the future!”

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