Photography Basics (Get to Know Your Camera)-
Virtual Workshop

Join me on Zoom and learn the basics of photography and the most important camera settings online in a friendly and supportive atmosphere!

This workshop is tailored SPECIFICALLY TO YOUR CAMERA so you can rest assured that by the end of our Virtual Workshop, you will understand how your camera works so you can confidently switch off “Auto” and take more creative photos!

This Workshop can be recorded if you wish, so you can re-watch it at a later date.

Photography Basics (Get to Know Your Camera) - online workshop with Mieke Boynton

Experience level:   Beginner / Rusty / Confused
Max. participants:   One! (Individualised Workshop)
Duration:   2 hours
Cost:   $150 (AUD)
Format:   Zoom meeting online (unique meeting code with password protection)


What topics will be covered?

•    What are the most important buttons?
•    The focus modes and the focus point
•    Understanding ISO, aperture and shutter speed
•    Aperture Priority, Shutter Priority or Manual Mode?
•    Understanding Depth of Field 
•    Should I shoot in RAW or JPEG?
•    Using the Exposure meter
•    Lenses: understanding what you have and what’s available
•    Getting a straight horizon every time
•    Using the histogram and highlight identification tools

“I have just done the beginners workshop and I learnt so much, the fact that Mieke had taken the time to research my camera so she could tell me EXACTLY what settings to use - the notes to accompany the zoom session were exceptional. I can't wait to do another one and HIGHLY recommend any of her sessions! Money well spent!”


This is an individualised Workshop, run at a date and time convenient to you.
Please complete the "Workshop Registration Form" to get the ball rolling!

Note: You will be emailed a link that will download a small piece of software to your computer,
enabling you to install Zoom temporarily.
You don't need a web camera, but it's great if you do have one!
If your computer doesn't have an in-built microphone, plug in your phone's hands-free headphones.

You do not need any prior experience with video-conferencing. If you need assistance with Zoom, we'll arrange a quick demo before our Workshop!


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