Creative Abstract Photography

How do you define Abstract Photography?
What is Visual Communication?
How do we “read” abstract images?

In this 90-minute video, I will share what I love about abstract aerial photography and identify some of the most important elements for this genre. I'll also share the camera settings I use when I fly, and how I plan my aerial shoots. We'll then dive into a section on a selection of more affordable Abstract photography genres, and I'll outline tools, techniques and simple practical "how-to" guides for some of my favourites - oil & water, milk & food dye, abstract smoke, motion blur, urban abstracts and nature abstracts - so that you can easily do these at home. You'll also receive a summary document, and you will have access to the video for two weeks.

Abstract Photography - online workshop with Mieke Boynton

Experience level:   Beginner / Intermediate
Format: video (pre-recorded)
Duration:   90mins
Cost:   $25 (AUD)

What topics will be covered?

•    What is Abstract Photography?
•    Abstract aerial photography
•    Visual communication and how we “read” images
•    Tools/techniques to help you convey meaning
•    Oil and water abstract photography
•    Milk and food dye abstract photography
•    Abstract smoke
•    Motion blur seascapes and forests
•    Urban Abstracts and Nature Abstracts
•    Some basic processing examples

"Creative Abstract Photography" was previously run as an online workshop:
Here are some participant reviews for the Zoom Workshop sessions:

“It's hard not get excited about photography when Mieke Boynton is presenting. Her workshops are most engaging, delightful and inspiring. I'm not a landscape photographer but still got so much out of her abstract workshop that I could apply to my creative style of photography. I highly recommend her workshops if you're keen to learn and looking for inspiration.”

“She's a fantastic photographer, and teacher. Her enthusiasm for photography is clear and it comes through with the way she speaks. I did her Abstract workshop, and found it hugely helpful and informative.”

“The workshop covered a lot more techniques than I expected. Another stimulating and instructive workshop from Mieke. Thank you very much!”

"Mieke was a knowledgeable and generous presenter. I really enjoyed hearing and seeing Mieke's aerial work and learning a few neat tips and tricks in Photoshop. I enjoyed learning some new techniques that I'm keen to try."


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