Creative Abstract Photography-
Virtual Workshop

How do you define Abstract Photography?
What is Visual Communication?
How do we “read” abstract images, and what makes one abstract “more effective” than another one?
Join me for a jam-packed online presentation of the tools and techniques for creative abstract photography and practical "how-to" guides for my favourite abstract genres. Our Workshop will be in real time, as if we're in a classroom, and there will be opportunities for discussion and questions!  The Workshop will also be recorded so you can re-watch it at a later date.

Abstract Photography - online workshop with Mieke Boynton

Experience level:   Beginner / Intermediate
Max. participants:   10
Duration:   2 hours
Cost:   $70 (AUD)
Format:   Zoom meeting online (unique meeting code with password protection)

What topics will be covered?

•    What is Abstract Photography?
•    Inspirational Abstract artists
•    Visual communication and how we “read” images
•    Tools/techniques to help you convey meaning
•    Abstract aerial photography
•    Oil and water abstract photography
•    Milk and food dye abstract photography
•    Abstract smoke
•    Motion blur seascapes and forests
•    "Elements of Design" and Nature Abstracts
•    Some basic processing examples


“It's hard not get excited about photography when Mieke Boynton is presenting. Her workshops are most engaging, delightful and inspiring. I'm not a landscape photographer but still got so much out of her abstract workshop that I could apply to my creative style of photography. I highly recommend her workshops if you're keen to learn and looking for inspiration.”

“She's a fantastic photographer, and teacher. Her enthusiasm for photography is clear and it comes through with the way she speaks. I did her Abstract workshop, and found it hugely helpful and informative.”

“Love Mieke’s work and recently did the online Abstract photography course. Fabulous insight, history of inspirational artists and explanation of the abstract concepts. Loved this and Mieke gives very straight forward guidance and tips to assist in you getting great results yourself.”


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Note: You will be emailed a link that will download a small piece of software to your computer,
enabling you to install Zoom temporarily.
You don't need a web camera, but it's great if you do have one!
If your computer doesn't have an in-built microphone, plug in your phone's hands-free headphones.
You do not need any prior experience with video-conferencing. If you need assistance with Zoom, we'll arrange a quick demo before our Workshop!


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