Mieke Boynton:
Australian Landscape Photographer.

In 2008, I drove my car from Melbourne 4000km North-West to the tiny town of Wyndham in the Kimberley, and promptly fell in love with this vast, ancient, ever-changing landscape.

A year later, my parents bought me a DSLR, and I learned how to use it to capture the beauty of what I saw. Although my camera has changed since then, my excitement about photography certainly hasn't.

Photography is my passion.

I use my camera to capture the beauty of nature and the wonder I feel when I spend time in these magnificent places.

I hope my photos 'speak' to you in some way, and that I am able to convey to you a little of the joy that photography brings to me.

Click here to watch/hear a short presentation of my photography - "Landscape Photography and the Art of Listening".